It appears a tricky subject. I totally understand the anger/hurt/frustration at these people and the general way in which the place runs. My personal experience of it includes feeling unimportant (everyone is always late) and being completely ignorant regarding anorexia and my feelings, I always felt weird or freakish with what I was feeling, as if no one else had these weird notions/urges/feelings which obviously resulted in me closing up, not helping my recovery. 

What got to me the most thought was the fact that they didn’t really treat me as an individual, I was immediately put into the anorexic bracket with no willingness to mould my treatment to me specifically. There were certain things that didn’t suit me or wouldn’t help me (often in fact, hindering me) but they would push me into the corner using the ‘anorexic voice’ as an excuse for my protesting to certain things. Oh and by the by, these were often just practicalities or little bits and pieces, I knew I needed help and was not trying to get out of meal plans or anything on that scale.

So anyway, after hearing that a lot of you feel let down by them, I thought I’d give some advice on how to get the most out of treatment there because I now, a year on, get a lot out of my treatment there and I have a fantastic dietician.

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